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Location:Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
[RP account for Ken Ichijouji, Movie 4 time period. Uses Japanese names for characters, English dub names for Digimon. Sorry in advance for any confusion!]

Name: Ken Ichijouji
Age: 11
Birthdate: July 16, 1991 (Sun Cancer, Moon Virgo)
MBTI: INFJ (Counselor)
Abilities: Chosen Child, Bearer of Kindness (Digimon: Wormmon), soccer, history buff, linguistics
Relationships: Mother, Father, Osamu (older brother, deceased); Miyako (love interest/girlfriend); Daisuke (Jogress partner), Ryo (Jogress partner)
Notes: Becomes terrible at math after losing the Dark Spore; can fluently speak Spanish and a little English; forward for Tamachi FC
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